Dunkxchange was probably the biggest event in my middle school years, it provided a common ground for all sneakerheads. Dunkxchange eventually died out alongside the hype for Nike Dunk SB’s, but sneaker culture is thriving more than ever.

Sneakercon LA was this past weekend and was a bittersweet event. My intention for attending the event was to pickup a few shoes, talk to some people that shared the same passion, and just have a good time. Instead I walked into what felt like Vidcon or an amusement park for tweeners. Don’t get me wrong, I attended Dunkxchange as a kid too, but the youth at this event were so starstruck by YouTubers that it no longer felt  about sneakers. There were meet and greet venues, personal merch tables, and Joby Gorillapods everywhere.

Hidden in the sea of 350 Boost and prepubescent kids, there were some vendors displaying some of the rarest sneakers. They may not be the flashiest, but older and aged sneakers brought on a sense of nostalgia. It’s strange though, while I was a part of the youth coming into the sneaker game, I wanted to buy so many sneakers but could never afford them. Now that I’m and adult and and older sneakerhead, I don’t find an urgency to buy sneakers, but I do appreciate them just as much as I did growing up.

It’s weird, when my generation got into the sneakers, making money from it was by-product; the new generation is driven by money rather than appreciation. It’s neither a good or bad thing, just something I’ve noticed.

I’ll stop complaingin about the youth and the younger generation sneakerhead now. After all, they are the ones that have helped pushed the sneaker community to the global phenomenon that it is today. Enjoy the pics – taken by my brother and me.



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